About Careless Records

Careless Records is an independent record label based in Chicago, USA.

With a life-long passion for groundbreaking electronic music, our dream has always been to contribute to the music scene with a growing selection of stunning releases, blurring the lines between genres and supporting great artists with a powerful voice that can stand out from the average crowd. Ultimately, our passion is what drives every aspect of this label, and we are genuinely committed to becoming a trusted home for artists and their music.

At Careless Records, we strongly believe that great music doesn’t happen in a studio or bedroom: it’s all about the community.

This record label was indeed created out of a desire to support, empower and promote creative artists, and build a lively community of passionate people all around them. As they say, “it takes a village!”

Careless Records works with DJs and producers throughout the world, helping them achieve their artistic goals and showcase their music to a wider audience. As a label, we take great care in helping our artists improve various aspects of their career, so we are very focused on the PR and marketing aspects. From the way artists present themselves to the audience, down to their music distribution needs, networking, artist branding and public outreach, we are here to help and offer solid support to the performers in our roster.

The label’s growing roster of artists include exciting acts such as Rick Tibbe, Vincent R and Dwebby, and we are always seeking for new, gifted talents to collaborate with. New artists, DJs, and producers are always welcome to reach out and send in their demos, as the Careless Records staff will always consider new submissions and opportunities.

What do we look for in an artist? Generally speaking, we do love music that has got plenty of energy, great hooks, and incredible melodies, not to mention the importance of great production values! Take a look at what we’ve been releasing and check out the artists we have been working with, so you can get a better idea of what we are all about! Having said that, what we look for is…you. We want to create strong relationships with unique artists that have personality and vision.

Join Careless Records on a journey to make a huge impact on the international electronic dance music scene. The only way is forward!

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